Myths are stories about people who become too big for their lives temporarily, so that they crash into other lives or brush against gods. In crisis their souls are visible.
Anne Carson, Introduction to Grief Lessons: Four Plays by Euripides (via marymorevnas)

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Rome’s fingerprints are
running down your back;

I want to build you
an empire that forgets
to collapse.

Y.Z, a letter to love (via rustyvoices)

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What do you think love is?

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The Disappearance Of The Girl

Storm Song | Phildel

I’ll send a storm to capture your heart
And bring you home

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I will be wild. I will be brutal. I will encircle you and conquer you. I will be more powerful than your boats and your swords and your blood lust. I will be inevitable.
Iphigenia, from A Memory of Wind by Rachel Swirsky.  (via sourirefugace)

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F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tender is the Night

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